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We are a Saudi company with the brand "PO'BOY" that started its journey in 2020 in the world of fast food, especially in recipes and providing shrimp sandwiches, we focused on providing new innovations in the world of shrimp sandwiches with flavors and recipes from all over the world in order to create a unique experience for shrimp lovers In one place "PO'BOY".

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  • our idea

    We are like all the people who love and adore something called seafood, especially when we say “prawn” God bless it when it is fried or when it is grilled. You can’t stop it all.

  • how did you come

    So we invented the idea of ​​shrimp sandwiches with flavors from the most important destinations in the world that are characterized by delicious and strong taste and flavors that make you travel with every flavor to their homeland, such as the East Asian, Italian, African, Greek and Arab, and of course the original flavor from the US state of Arizona, which is famous for the "PO'BOY" sandwich Classic

  • spark our idea

    Our innovations in flavors do not stop to satisfy shrimp lovers, live with us, the taste that takes the mind with every bite, and in order to offer shrimp lovers the best shrimp sandwiches they can try, we focused on our ingredients being fresh and carefully selected because the distinctive taste means the best quality.

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