We, in Brand Land , make our best efforts to provide the needs and requirements of or clients. By a professional team in the marketing field and a creative team in the designing field , we achieve all the works and artwork in highest quality using the best methods.

who are we ?

Brand land company is specialized in design , programming , production of advertising necessities, and digital marketing . We start making the logo all the way to printing , marketing , and all advertising needs . We offer our services in  a professional and distinctive ways through a dedicated, professional ,and technical team, Our company is based on a set of technical principles that will allow the customers to have access to the fullest possible extent of services and support.


Meet The Team

Yaser Naytah


Essam Shubier

Marketing Manager

Tamer Faisal

Business Development Manager

Khaled Hasan

Production Manager

Assim Khalid

Digital Marketing Manager

Osama Omar

Sales Manager

Yasmine Daker

Key Account Manager

Lara Tahesh

Account Executive

Mohammad Osman

Senior Designer

Heba Ahmed

Senior Programmer

Atef Mohammed

Senior Designer

Sherif Mohammed



Content Creator